How Thyroid Disease and Menopause Are Linked together?

In order to understand about the linkage between thyroid and menopause, it is first necessary to clearly understand about both thyroid and menopause separately. First of all, we will be discussing thyroid in brief. The thyroid can be defined as a gland that is situated on the front of your neck. The thyroid is responsible for producing various hor

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What Should You Know About Hormone Replacement Therapy?


We are all familiar with the concept of menopause – a period in every woman’s life when certain body changes occur due to the decreased amount of characteristic hormones for women are pro-duced. Menopause is not the same experience in every woman’s life, and if for some women could be a hard period in other woman’s life it could be a pretty

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How Insomnia Linked to Menopause? What care you Should Take?

Insomnia Linked to Menopause

Women in their late 40's or early 50's are victim to an inevitable change in their bodies. These changes come in many forms, like hot flashes, fatigue, depression, headaches, etc. For those of you that have undergone this or are still in the process, don't worry, menopause is natural. Though we say it's natural, however, this does not make up fo

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Menopause and Sleep Problems: What’s the Link?

One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of menopause is sleep disturbances. These include troubles falling asleep and experiencing disrupted sleep followed by excessive daytime sleepiness. Sleep problems also seem to persist long after menopause is over. But why exactly does the menopause transition wreak havoc on a woman's sleep hygiene? Well, rese

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The Scary Thing That Could Worsen Your Menopause

Worsen Your Menopause

Menopause isn't something we look forward to, but it's also something we can't skip. No-body, really, likes hot flashes or night sweats, but all women experience these symptoms differently. However, did you know that your habits and lifestyle play a major role? Yes, things you do on daily basis can significantly aggravate menopause thus increasing

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5 Reasons for Taking Experts Advice during Menopause

Advice during Menopause

Menopause is a natural part of aging process and it's something you can't avoid. But although you can't skip menopause and fast forward to the time it stops, there are many things you can do to relieve symptoms you experience. Nowadays, there are numerous websites where you can find useful tips and tricks that help you alleviate symptoms you experi

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Being Positive About Your Body in Menopause

Positive About Your Body in Menopause

Women will experience many stages in life that will shape their feminine identity. First comes menarche, or the first period, then childbearing and the last stage is menopause. All three stages are marked by significant changes in the body. Sometimes it can be hard for a woman to cope with these changes, especially if she overly identifies with her

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15 Things Only Women Experiencing Menopause Understand

Experiencing Menopause Understand

Only women who've been there know the struggles of menopause. Not all women experience menopause in the same way. Some pass this stage of life smoothly; others find the struggle hard to bear. But there are some things in menopause most women have in common. Here are 15 of the most common things only women going through menopause can understand:

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What are the Risk Factors of Early Menopause?

Risk Factors of Early Menopause

Women usually enter menopause after they turn 50, with 51 years being the mean age. But some women enter menopause much earlier. If a woman enters menopause before she turns 40, this is considered premature menopause. Surgery, cancer, and primary ovarian insufficiency can cause premature menopause. On the other hand, if she enters menopause before

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Vitamin D Supplementation Helps Women Build Muscle Even After Menopause

Women Build Muscle Even After Menopause

Studies have shown that Vitamin D is essential in staying strong and healthy. Also known as "The Sunshine Vitamin", a severe Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a wide range of health issues including depression, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Unlike other nutrients in our body, Vitamin D is not naturally produced by the body. It relies on s

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